1. Forever reminds me of springtime in Cold Sprig, NY 😄

    “I want to do with you what spring does to cherry trees”


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  4. oh-haroo:

    Follow me for more vertical nature!

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  5. americanapparel:

    Annie Hall (1977) - The Easter Dinner Scene.

    Happy Easter?


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  7. "It takes more than strength to find this peace of mind."

    — Two Door Cinema Club

    I realized today that this city is a love/hate relationship.


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  9. 1felony:

    there was not 1 lie said in this video, take notes fellas this shit’s real 


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  10. Reporter: Your life has been marred by considerable pain. Do you think you’ll ever get to the point where you can live a normal, happy life?

    2Pac: Nah. But! I uh, I’m going for it. I’m trying for it. And until then, I have to make the life I do live as happy as I can and try to do the best with what I have. Live the best life I can live. Be as happy as I can be. Nothing is perfect for anybody. (at Bixby Bridge)